How to Learn SEO at Home

To get your website ranked well on the search engine result pages or SERPs, you must have a good understanding of search engine optimisation or SEO. While learning SEO may seem like a confusing and daunting task, it isn’t as convoluted as you may think.

The good news about learning SEO is that you can do it without even leaving your home. Here are some great ways to learn SEO on your terms, while staying in the comfort of your home.

Online SEO Courses

There are many online SEO courses that allow you to learn through downloadable instructions, streaming, videos, audio MP3s, and webinars. To find a format that best suits you, simply conduct a Google search. For example, if you’d like to learn SEO by watching videos, use a search term like ‘SEO course for beginners on video’.

SEO Blogs

Another excellent way to learn SEO at home is to follow SEO blogs. Many SEO experts have blogs where they teach the basics of SEO. Again, you can simply google ‘SEO blog’ to get multiple results. It’s best to stick to the blogs on the first result page you get as they’ll be the most popular.

Some top choices in SEO blogs include Moz Blog, Search Engine Roundtable, Ahrefs Blog, and Search Engine Journal. When you find an SEO blog you like, sign up for the newsletter and bookmark the page for future reference.

SEO Forums

There are numerous SEO forums online that are chock full of helpful info. When visiting an SEO forum, look at the profiles of the members before taking their advice. This is important because there are many non-experts on these forums who are quick to hand out advice that may not be good.

In many of the forum discussions, you’ll find links that will take you to some great pages for learning SEO. Sign up for your favourite forums and join the discussions. You can ask questions, make comments, and get some great tips from other members.

Attend SEO Conferences

There are many SEO conferences that are both in-person and virtual. These conferences bring together the brightest minds in the industry to share & discuss industry news & current trends. When you attend a conference you can gain inspiration, learn new SEO tactics, and network with like-minded people. Some of these conferences are free to attend while others charge fees.

Practice What You’ve Learned!

Theory is one thing, but putting what you’ve learned into practice is key to understanding SEO. The best way to ensure all the information you’ve picked up along the way sticks, is to practice on your own website. Set up a blog if you don’t have one. When you set up your own domain, you can see in real-time the impact of each SEO technique you implement.

As you’re learning SEO at home, you can visit the SEO forums you’ve joined to ask questions. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn that many members are more than happy to help newbies like you so don’t be afraid to ask!