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Cerberus Preventative Maintenance Package

The CPMP exists to provide the client with a ‘peace of mind’ policy. After security has been addressed by Cerberus, or any other IT security company, in some cases it is not too long before the systems revert to an insecure state. This is due to software upgrades, admin configuration changes and new discoveries of software bugs and vulnerabilities. The CPMP is a cost-effective solution to help ensure continued system security.

o 24/7 telephone security support giving you instant access to a large pool of resource

o Advice by e-mail - to answer your enquiries pertaining to security

o Cerberus Alert Service - for all new vulnerabilities discovered that are relevant to your systems. We will cut out the noise from the useful information and provide our own analysis of the issue.

o Time Tailored vulnerability scans (inclusive of latest vulnerabilities) - weekly, monthly or quarterly.

o Monthly site visit by one of our fully qualified I.T. Security Analysts to answer queries relating to your own security, new product developments etc. (Note - this is currently only available for sites in the UK.)

To discuss the above in further detail and how a CPMP would benefit you please feel free to contact one of our security consultants on:

Tel : +44(0)20 8661 7405
E -mail: [email protected]

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